Helping Your Business Shine.

Urethane Hard-Surface Floor Treatment:

Helping Your Business Shine.

Hard-surface floor cleaning

Hard-Surface floor cleaning

can be one of the most impressive features of your facility. When regularly and correctly maintained, they can do more than create good impressions for your employees and guests. Attractive, well-maintained floors can help enhance your professional image, while contributing to a clean, safe working environment.

Count on Service Master Janitorial to keep your Hard-Surface floors cleaning their best. Our urethane hard-surface floor treatment provides a glossy shine in one coat and requires no in-between maintenance, like burnishing or buffing, to maintain the finish.  Combined with our 60 years of professional cleaning experience and the research and development of an industry leader, we have the expertise to service hospitals, medical buildings, schools, office buildings, fitness centers, financial institutions, grocery stores, retail stores, government buildings and many other kinds of facilities. Maximize your hard-surface floor investment with a floor care program from ServiceMaster Clean.

You Get Beautiful Floors the ServiceMaster Clean Way

The ServiceMaster Janitorial Clean Solution for Commercial Hard-Surface floors cleaning

ServiceMaster Clean urethane hard-surface treatment:

  • Provides longer-lasting shine with less maintenance requirements than traditional acrylic processes
  • Includes a multi-component water-based urethane that produces high gloss finish in a single coat
  • Resists scuffs and stains and stands up against everyday abuse
  • Protects your hard-surface floor investment and helps extend the life of your floors
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal and beauty of your floors
  • Offers a slip resistance additive to help increase safety for your employees and customers
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Requires no burnishing or buffing
  • Reduces the need for future stripping

While the majority of cleaning companies use acrylic finish to coat hard-surface floors, our urethane finish:

  • Is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Features zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), requires less packaging and cleaning chemicals as well as reduced water usage in maintenance procedures, which can help facilities earn credits towards LEED and Green Building certifications.
  • Retains a high level of gloss throughout the life cycle, while the gloss with traditional acrylic finishes will diminish more rapidly between quarterly recoats.
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal and beauty of your floors.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Minimizing Disruptions to Your Business

Our one-coat application helps us minimize disruptions to your business. ServiceMaster Clean uses the following process to treat your hard-surface floors quickly and effectively.

  1. Clean- The floor is cleaned and/or the original finish is removed for optimum product All previous finishes will be removed.
  2. Dull & Dry- Once the floor is bare, clean and neutral, the flooring will usually be dull. If it is not (in the case of some vinyl floors), we may take extra steps to remove any remaining gloss. Once the floor is clean and dull, we use airflow, air movers, dehumidifiers, etc. as needed to completely dry the floor.
  3. Application- We apply the urethane finish using a t-bar and then backroll the finish with mohair applicators.
  4. Drying time – It’s best to allow between four to eight hours before you walk on the floors. However, drying time can be affected by humidity, ambient air temperature, floor temperature and air circulation.

Get Professional Floor Cleaning to Improve Your Business Environment

Floors play a major role in increasing the professional image of a company or an organization, so business owners want to keep the hard-surface floors clean.  

Many There are a variety of floor cleaning techniques available to clean floors, but not all of them suit every floor cleaning need and budget. We understand that business owners are looking for the best cleaning service at a great price.

In response to these needs our cleaning team offers a specialized range of floor cleaning services. We use the latest techniques and quality cleaning products to bring a clean look to hard-surface floors.

Apart from that, our professional cleaning solutions also help our clients to create the best impressions for their guests and employees.

Best Commercial Hard-Surface floor Cleaning

We use superior floor treatment techniques to obtain a unique shine in a single coat. The urethane floor treatment does not require any in-between maintenance, such as buffing or burnishing.

Our cleaning company only hires well-trained and friendly who offers highly affordable and safe commercial Hard-Surface floor cleaning for business.  We have more than 60 years of cleaning experience-let us provide you with  complete cleaning satisfaction and a more positive experience.

Along with this, we also have a greater level of expertise with medical and office buildings, financial institutions hospitals, government buildings, retail stores, grocery stores, fitness centers and much more.

Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Our proprietary cleaning program helps you to improve the hard-surface floors throughout your business spaces. Working in a clean business environment helps our business customers increase their business productivity and growth.

Our professional Hard-Surface cleaning services are available at very reasonable rates.  

Our high-quality cleaning solutions provide a durable shine with minimal maintenance requirements. We also use water-based and multi-component urethane which provides an exceptional finish with only a single coat.  It resists stains and scuffs as well as stands up to daily abuse. We help our clients minimize their replacement costs by increasing the lifespan of their floors.

Our efficient floor cleaning solutions also improve the beauty and aesthetic appeal of floors.  These kinds of high quality floor cleaning services provide a slip-resistance facility that will surely increase the protection of your customers and employees, reducing your potential liability for slips and falls.  Each cleaning solution used by our company is completely environmentally friendly.

Our floor cleaning solutions do not require buffing or burnishing.  Moreover, it reduces the frequency or need for stripping and re-waxing.

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