Cleaning your office building or workplace is not a simple task; it needs a great deal of dedication, expertise, and talent. All of this is feasible if you employ a professional office building cleaning company to clean your place of business. The reason for this is their team’s knowledge and competence, which amateur cleaners lack. ServiceMaster Janitorial Services has put together a list of expert cleaning secrets:


The strategy of cleaning from left to right and top to bottom guarantees a thorough cleaning. Starting in one way and working clockwise or anti-clockwise across the room may get the job done quickly while leaving no area untouched. Make careful to clean all of the things from top to bottom. This movement prevents dust from accumulating on previously covered regions.


There’s an ancient trick for cleaning that involves clearing the dust before spraying with water. This prevents the dust from becoming sticky mud. Start by dusting the things with a dry cloth and then wiping them down with a damp cloth.


Make sure you have the right cleaning equipment. However, just because you have the right equipment doesn’t guarantee you can complete the task appropriately. Knowing how to use the tools will enable you to complete the task much more quickly. To do so, you’ll need either expert instruction or to hire a professional cleaner to perform the work for you.

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There are several detergents and chemicals on the market that are harmful to human health. If you’re cleaning for the first time with such chemicals, make sure to follow the product’s instructions to avoid unpleasant effects. Professional cleaners know how to use the appropriate amount of chemicals in the right way.


The worst thing a sloppy cleaner can do is leave streaks on windows and mirrors. It occurs because they are unaware of the technique for moving the cloth or sponge. Professional office building cleaners specialize in doing this task flawlessly. They know how to apply the strokes in such a way that they don’t leave any streaks.


Mineral deposits are not dirt, yet they manage to detract from the appearance of your workplace’s restrooms and kitchen. It might be tough for a regular cleaner to remove these minerals. Workplace Cleaning Services has the skills and expertise necessary to make your office seem clean and sanitary. If you’re in Nashville and need help cleaning up your workplace, we’ve got you covered.


It is a method of approaching a problem in a systematic way. A group of experts always follows a set of procedures. Professional office building cleaning services, unlike average cleaners, train their staff to perform in an efficient and productive manner. They go through the cleaning procedure step by step to ensure that every surface is cleaned.


Cleaning products (chemicals and detergents), as previously stated, can be damaging to our health. Professional cleaners utilize natural cleaning products such as lemon to cut grease and vinegar salt combination to remove stains, among other things. They employ the correct proportions of these natural cleaning ingredients, which can only be taught via thorough training and experience. At ServiceMaster Janitorial Services, we have our own products that we used for every specific areas and needs. We guarantee that it is certified with Green Seal as well as Environmental Choice

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Office Building

Cleaning Up Your Workplace or Office Building

We do a lot more than simply work when we sit at a desk for long periods of time. Everyday, we sneeze, chew, touch things, cough,  and spill. It’s no surprise that offices and workplaces soon turn into a microbiological zoo. On top of the pathogens, there’s the clutter and filth left over from our hectic lifestyles, which has to be cleaned and sorted.

1. Dust. Wiping and cleaning all surfaces with a moist microfiber cloth is a simple task. Remove any file folders, papers, staplers, calendars, and other items off your desk so you may clean it. Power strips behind your desk, window sills, fan blades, the top of your monitor, and the tops of picture frames are all places to look.

2. Disinfecting. At our workstations, we touch a lot, and each keyboard, mouse click, and phone call creates a new micro-bacteria colony. Disinfect the workstation set-ups like the mouse, as well as the keyboard, headset, and mouthpiece on the business phone.

3. Vacuuming. Begin from the very top and work your way down. Switch between the narrow attachment, upholstery brush and carpet attachment to vacuum or suction every surface on your desk and in your workspace. Pay extra attention to the areas you cleaned and vacuum up any loose particles or dust that escaped the dust cloth.

4.Consistency. Make a note on your calendar to clean and arrange your desk once or twice a week. It will be easier the next time if you establish a cleaning regimen. Even better, have disinfectant wipes at your desk so you can quickly wipe down anything in between cleaning days.

5. Seek Help. Hiring a janitorial services professional may seem costly at first as it will be outsourced. But in the long run, it will benefit the workplace or office building you have. It will definitely maintain the cleanliness yet avoiding and or delaying any issues or any shattered areas.

Office Building Cleaning Services by ServiceMaster Janitorial Services Professional Cleaners

Your employees (or family) will appreciate your tidy desk, and your mind will thank you! Distractions are reduced and productivity is increased in an orderly environment. Why not treat your office building with the same care? Check-out our disinfection services as well.


ServiceMaster Janitorial Services can let you spend more time working in your clean office building area rather than cleaning the rest of your office. Our office building cleaning services can provide the care that your office needs.

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