Relying on a dedicated bank cleaning services is truly the best way to keep your facilities pristine. Maintaining immaculate, professional bank branches should be a top priority for any financial institution. However, thorough bank cleaning requires more than just vacuuming and taking out the trash.

As the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier bank cleaning services company, we specialize in the unique cleaning needs of banks and credit unions. Our skilled teams use hospital-grade disinfectants, advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to deep clean your branches to the highest standard.

Specific Bank Cleaning Services We Provide:

Nightly Janitorial Cleaning Our nightly cleaning crews thoroughly sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, take out trash and disinfect all areas. Common spaces like lobbies, waiting areas, hallways and bathrooms receive extra attention. Tough stains are spot treated, interior glass is left spotless, and floor burnishing keeps tiles shining. We deep clean surfaces to eliminate up to 99% of hazardous bacteria.

Teller Station Cleaning
Meticulous care is taken cleaning around sensitive materials at teller stations. Counters, partitions, handling areas near currency and adjoining mats scrubbed. We safely shake out debris from mats before sanitizing them. Antimicrobial treatments prevent odors and stains between cleanings. For privacy, teller computer screens and work items are left untouched unless otherwise specified.

Computer Station Cleaning

Gentle compressed air dusting of computers, screens and hardware starts the process before careful disinfection with non-alcohol wipes rated safe for electronics. To avoid disturbance, cables, accessories and items employees need access to are left in place unless a full reboot is requested. A separate team can fully service IT areas and server rooms including HVAC vent scrubbing if desired.

Back Office Area Cleaning

For controlled access spaces like records rooms, locker areas and private offices, we provide full-service cleaning tailored to sensitive contents. Trash removal, sweeping, mopping, dusting of wall art, disinfecting of shared equipment/furnishings, spot stain removal from carpets, etc. Our staff respects privacy and confidentiality at all times. We can also tidy documents but avoid stacking/relocation without special request.

Let us know any other specifics we can elaborate on regarding your bank cleaning services needs! Providing specialty cleaning services for financial institutions is our specialty.

Safety Focused Products & Processes

We utilize hospital-grade disinfectants that kill dangerous bacteria and viruses like MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, Coronavirus, etc. Our supplies are non-toxic and Green Seal certified. For safety, proper disinfectant dwell times are always observed by our staff. Our processes are frequently audited by microbiologists to ensure adherence to the highest safety standards.

Bank Cleaning Services
Bank Cleaning Services

Rely on ServiceMaster – The Bay Area’s Premier Bank Cleaning Services

When only immaculate branches will do, rely on ServiceMaster Janitorial Services Bay Area – the region’s top financial institution cleaning service. For nearly 60 years we’ve partnered with leading banks and credit unions to maintain their branches to the highest standard.

We make it simple to keep your branches pristine with customized service schedules. Our flexible packages include:

  • Nightly Cleaning From lobby dusting to bathroom scrubs, our nightly full-service clean hits every area with precision. We take out trash, sweep, mop, dust, scrub surfaces, clean glass, replenish supplies & more. Your branch sparkles each morning.
  • Weekly Cleaning In addition to our standard janitorial cleaning, we deep clean high-traffic areas weekly and spot treat carpets. Entryways, teller counters, ATMs and restrooms get special germ-fighting treatments. HVAC vents and ceiling corners meticulously addressed.
  • Monthly Cleaning This enhanced regimen adds hot water extraction carpet cleaning, upholstery shampooing, granite polishing, detailed dusting of wall art, air duct cleaning and other refresher tasks monthly. We may also handle interior/exterior window washing or pressure washing exterior building surfaces seasonally.
  • Quarterly Disinfection Boosters Every three months we apply antimicrobial protectants and coatings on all surfaces to bolster resistance to dangerous pathogens in between standard disinfectant cleanings. These add lasting protective barriers.
  • Annual Maintenance From routine maintenance like inspecting/replacing air filters, testing backup power generators or clearing roof debris, to overseeing bigger facility improvement projects – our teams handle critical upkeep.

Get a Custom Cleaning Quote for Your Branches!

Contact ServiceMaster Janitorial Services Bay Area at 510-521-2717 for a free assessment and quote tailored to your bank facilities. Discover why we’re the top choice for branches across SF and Oakland!

Get a Custom Cleaning Quote for Your Branches!

Contact ServiceMaster Janitorial Services Bay Area at 510-521-2717 for a free assessment and quote tailored to your bank cleaning services needs.
Discover why we’re the top choice for branches across SF and Oakland!
The Importance of a Specialized Bank Cleaning Services

General janitorial services simply don’t have the specialized equipment, staff training, and cleaning processes needed to properly maintain financial institutions. Banks have unique needs that set them apart from regular office buildings.

Sensitive Documents & Hardware

Banks house incredibly sensitive paperwork, electronics, cash and confidential records in secured back office areas. Only meticulously background-checked staff should access these areas, using care around fragile equipment and irreplaceable records. General cleaning crews lack the vetting and specialized training we provide our teams.

Compliance Standards

Banks must adhere to strict state, federal and industry-specific regulations. These span from accessibility rules under ADA, compliance with the Depository Institution Regulations Act, OSHA worker safety mandates, and requirements like GLBA to protect customer privacy. We continually update our processes to satisfy the latest compliance standards – so you don’t have to worry.

Enhanced Disinfection Needs

Bank branches see very heavy foot traffic from the general public. This increases the risk of hazardous germs spreading via high-touch surfaces like ATMs, counters, door handles, and bathroom fixtures. To mitigate risk, we use hospital-grade disinfectants and advanced application methods – going beyond what regular cleaners provide.

Our Germ-Fighting Arsenal

Our arsenal includes UV-light sanitizing wands to eliminate pathogens in hard to reach areas and handheld steam vapor cleaners to naturally blast away grime. Electrostatic sprayers let us completely coat all surfaces with disinfectant for superior pathogen elimination. When health threats emerge, we mobilize rapid response teams for enhanced disinfection.

Bank Cleaning Services
Bank Cleaning Services

Partner with ServiceMaster – The Bay Area’s Premier Bank Cleaning Services Experts

When only immaculate branches will do, you need specialist support on par with the region’s top financial institutions. That’s why major banks and credit unions across the Bay Area partner with ServiceMaster Janitorial Services Bay Area for their cleaning needs.

As an Elite ServiceMaster Clean partner, we uphold their 50+ years of cleaning excellence while bringing local market leadership in commercial environments. For unmatched quality bank cleaning services, leverage our team’s expertise across:

Advanced Disinfection Services – We mobilize specialty teams to continuously heighten disinfection measures using methods like Electrostatic Spraying, UV-light and Steam Sanitation and ATP Testing. This proactively fights dangerous outbreaks.

Unrivaled Regional Experience – With thousands of bank cleaning services and jobs completed, we understand exactly how to clean around sensitive equipment and records to bank-grade standards. Our experts make sure even intricate areas like back offices and server rooms meet compliance.

Rapid Response Capabilities – We have the staff and resources to rapidly deploy emergency response teams for disaster recovery assistance. Whether flooding, fires or pandemic outbreaks, we get branches safely up and running again.

Customer Service Excellence – With rigorous staff training, state-of-the-art equipment and accountability measures like third-party auditing in place, we deliver consistent, five-star experiences. That’s why top Bay Area banks trust ServiceMaster Janitorial Services for all cleaning needs!

Get a Custom Cleaning Proposal Tailored to Your Branches!

Contact our bank cleaning services specialists today at 510-521-2717 for a free evaluation and quote outlining our solutions for your financial institutions. Discover firsthand why we’re the first choice amongst Bay Area banks and credit unions for nearly 60 years and running. Partner with us for next-level clean you can depend on!