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What is Post-Construction Cleaning Services? 

Post-construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction Cleaning Services

With our post-construction cleaning services, our specialists will clean and prepare your new area for move-in and set-up once your construction is done and all debris has been removed.  ServiceMaster Janitorial Services can ensure that your new business facility is welcoming, clean, and pleasant, regardless of the services you pick.

We also work closely with contractors and other service specialists to guarantee that your schedules and deadlines are fulfilled, since we recognize that construction maybe unexpected.

For any construction contractor, handing over the keys to a newly constructed or refurbished facility is the ultimate aim for any customer they will serve. However, after the initial construction, not to mention the tears and sweat that they must endure, a construction company’s work is not complete until it is completed. Before the ultimate turn-over of the key, there are still some finishing touches to be completed on the structure. These extra tasks include a thorough cleaning of the whole building, sometimes known as post-construction cleaning.

Post-construction Cleaning Services

A Detail Oriented Post-Construction Cleaning Services.

Our professionals ensure that your commercial facility sparkles from floor to ceiling with our post-construction cleaning services. We pay great attention to little details like trims, horizontal ledges, baseboards, light fixtures, and more to prevent construction and drywall dust and increase cleanliness. You simply flip the key and you’re ready to go once we’ve cleaned every nook and cranny.

A post-construction cleaning service for newly or renovated buildings is called post-construction cleaning or also called “Final cleanup”.

The term “post-construction” implies that this cleaning takes place after the building phase is over. A building contractor may cleanup trash in general, but specific cleaning is no longer part of their job description. This type of cleaning is done from top to bottom, and it includes more than just sweeping the floor and washing the carpet and other visible surfaces.

The following are some of the cleaning standards that we can have for post-construction cleaning services:

Through Post-construction Cleaning Services, Requirements Are Completed One Step At A Time.


This is where the first phase begins, once all of the essential electrical, plumbing, and framing has been completed. The removal of large things, such as garbage, trash, leftover materials, and other items that cannot be vacuumed, is the first and most important task in this phase. Following that, sweeping or vacuuming will be done. This step also includes the removal, but not the cleaning, of stickers off doors and windows.

Rough clean-up involves removal of construction debris and is often done by the contractor.


This is the most time-consuming part of the post-construction cleaning process, and it requires a lot of cleaning equipment and resources. Special attention is being paid to rooms that serve a specific purpose, such as restrooms and kitchens. Sinks, toilets, windows, and cabinets are just a few of the installed components that are thoroughly cleaned at this phase. During this period, one of the reasons why individuals hire a professional cleaning service is to help with the cleaning.

Cleaning of locations with removed stickers from the previous phase, such as windows, glass areas, doors, walls, and other surfaces, is also addressed here. Clients will be one step closer to moving in after this phase.

We provide the light cleaning that is needed after the construction work is completed and all construction debris has been removed. This usually includes dusting, damp cleaning fixtures, spot cleaning, interior glass, vacuuming and damp mopping.


Cleaning of locations with removed stickers from the previous phase, such as windows, glass areas, doors, walls, and other surfaces, is also addressed here. Clients will be one step closer to moving in after this phase.

Cleaning up after construction takes a lot of time and effort, and it might take a few days. This task is difficult to handle for a building contractor who has a lot on his or her plate. Construction workers are already preoccupied with constructing the structure, so adding the task of cleaning up their mess is a significant stress. As a result, employing expert cleaners, whether through a building contractor or independently, is highly recommended.

Most post-construction cleaning services that contractors need are in the above-mentioned stages but still depending on the site’s demand. A job walk or site visit maybe performed and requested to asses properly of the site’s final cleanup needs and the exact project size to be cleaned as well.

The final clean is done after all construction is complete. This the final step prior to turning the building over to the new owner. The final clean is what we are talking about when we talk about construction clean-up.

How do we do post-construction cleaning services?

For post-construction cleaning services, bidding is mostly like to start after you have searched for projects in your service areas. These are the steps that we take for the service:

  1. Look for construction projects that we can submit bids.
  2. Submit bids according to its project size, location and cleaning services details like rough cleaning, windows and final cleaning.
  3. Likely, construction projects timeframe ranges from earlier than a month to years of construction, so a follow-up is a lot of work to do.
  4. General Contractors would definitely inform you if the status of your bids and you can either win the bidding or lose it.
Post-construction Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster Janitorial Services is one of the most active bidders in the Northern California area for post-construction cleaning services and we are very much delighted for the invites that we received.

Furthermore, we welcome all bid invites and we can definitely serve you.

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