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Healthcare Cleaning for The Safety of Your Patients 

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We at ServiceMaster Janitorial Services understand how important healthcare cleaning is, as to keep the atmosphere of care clean, safe, and healthy for both patients and employees. That’s why, every time we visit a healthcare institution or facility, we take a meticulous approach to delivering the highest standards of cleanliness. We offer the resources and knowledge to produce consistent outcomes that fit your particular needs, from medical offices to hospitals.

What Is the Difference Between Healthcare Facility and Commercial Cleaning?

Every institution or facility’s definition of “clean” is distinct, especially when it comes to commercial vs. medical cleaning. On a daily basis, our franchise owners who operate business venues like as schools, banks, and offices deal with filth, garbage, grease, and spills. Our personnel, on the other hand, come into contact with bodily fluids, saline, and other difficult-to-clean substances that contain harmful microorganisms that might cause infection or other negative consequences on the body in the hospitals we serve.  

Individuals who work in commercial cleaning are, for the most part, in good health. So, while you still want to clean to avoid the transmission of illness, the rules and procedures may not be as severe as they are in an intensive care or isolation unit, where a patient’s immune system is already compromised.

Healthcare Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, what’s the difference?

Many people confuse these terms, although they are not interchangeable. So, how do you distinguish between cleaning and disinfecting? The removal of dirt and allergens from a surface is referred to as cleaning. Surfactant-based products clean rather than disinfect. Surfactant is a substance that interacts with water to break down and remove soil, which includes dirt, oil, food, and other contaminants that make an object or surface unclean.

Disinfectants, on the other hand, are chemicals that are used to kill bacteria. Most people are surprised to learn that disinfectants are essentially insecticides. Don’t be alarmed by this. Pesticides have a lot of bad associations, yet they come in a variety of forms. Disinfectants are a type of disinfectant that kills germs and organisms like bacteria and viruses. A medical facility must be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Cleaning comes first, followed by disinfection.

Indeed, our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program may assist with the following:

Healthcare Cleaning

Why Should Your Healthcare Cleaning Services Be Outsourced?

There are several sufficient grounds to outsource your Healthcare cleaning:

Hiring a commercial healthcare cleaning service that will properly clean your facility can assist you in keeping your medical center healthy and achieving the patient satisfaction levels you need.  It will also enable you to concentrate on patient care and safety. Healthcare cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Every medical institution or facility is distinctive. Yours implies services that are tailored to your specific requirements depending on your facility’s nature.

Healthcare Cleaning


If your office needs healthcare cleaning service with reliable experience and understanding, you can rely on us and we can discuss how we can help you.

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