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How to Take Good Care of Hard Surface Floors? 12+1 Tips For You.

Hard Surface Floors

Hard Surface Floors

It’s all about the glitz and glam. You know how hard surface floors can give a big impact, after you’ve gone into a building lobby and the floor has been cleaned. A polished, professional appearance is created by a clean, gleaming floor.

Hard surface floors not only look wonderful, but it also makes sense in specific locations. While carpet offers advantages in a variety of settings, it is not appropriate for bathrooms or lobbies. Hard flooring are a superior choice in these places since they can withstand high traffic, resist stains from water and spills, and are easy to maintain.

Hard floors, as nice as they seem when they’re clean and polished, reveal dirt a little more than carpet. Hard floors may readily be marred by dust, dirt, and track marks. Worse, if floors aren’t properly maintained and dirt is crushed into the finish, you might be looking at a costly repair or replacement.

Hard Surface Floors

That’s why having a plan in place for preserving the quality and beauty of your flooring is critical. Here are some suggestions to maintain your facility’s hard surface flooring looking fantastic, whether it’s stone, hardwood, tile, or vinyl.

Here’s our list for helping you maintain your hard surface floors clean and neat.

 Tips On Maintaining Your Hard Surface Floors Clean: 

For more than a decade, ServiceMaster Janitorial Services has been cleaning hard surfaces and grout in buildings. Here are a dozen things you should know based on our experience to get the most out of your flooring investment.

  1. Be observant of your grout. Grout may quickly get encrusted with dirt, allowing germs to grow. Discolored grout can also detract from the beauty of your floor, making it appear unclean all of the time. If you have tiles, make sure you clean your grout lines on a regular basis, precisely and completely. Your tile will appear new after a thorough and professional grout cleaning. Here’s an example of how we used grout cleaning to beautify a client’s doorway.
  1. Purchase high-quality walk-off mats. The greatest method to keep dirt out is to keep it out. With a 12-15 foot mat placed near an entryway, up to 80% of dirt maybe collected. With 39-foot walk-off mats, you can catch up to 98 percent of soil. In any case, carefully placed walk-off mats will extend the life of your flooring by several years.
  2. Regularly buff or burnish.  Weekly or semi-weekly buffing or polishes your flooring can help disguise wear and scratches while also adding gloss and luster. The key distinction is that burnishing is done at a faster rate. Burnishing is preferred by many FMs because it produces a brighter sheen.
  3. Don’t forget to do some deep cleaning. Along with ordinary cleaning (vacuuming and mopping), you should use an automatic scrubber to give your floors a deeper clean on a frequent basis. You may require them on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how much traffic your floors receive. Buffing or burnishing can be used in combination with this.
  4. Vacuum Floors everyday. Mops come to mind when most people think of hard surface floor cleaning. Vacuuming, on the other hand, is just as important, if not more so. Mops may not be able to remove soil completely and sand, but a vacuum cleaner will. This is significant because if these parts are scraped across the floor or crushed into the finish, they can cause serious damage. Make sure your walk-in mats are vacuumed as well.
  5. Annually, strip and refinish hard surface floors. Your flooring is protected by a finish. That finish wears down over time and must be removed and replaced. This may need to be done once, twice, or three times a year, depending on the kind of floor, traffic, and cleaning efficacy. After the winter season, which can be tough on flooring, is an excellent time to strip and refinish.
  6. Allow no time for water or spills to accumulate.While one of the advantages of hard surface flooring is its ability to handle moisture, any standing liquid should be removed as soon as possible to avoid stains or damage.
  7. Every day, dry and wet mop. Dust might be particularly evident on some floors that receive a lot of sunshine. After vacuuming, clean your floor with a microfiber dry mop to eliminate any remaining dust. After that, mop the floor with a damp mop and a neutral cleanser to remove any caked-on grime and shine it up.
  8. When using cleaning liquids, be cautious. Use caution since not all cleaners and floor types are suitable. You also don’t want to use any products that can void your guarantee on your flooring. Before going “all in,” always test a cleaning solution on a tiny, inconspicuous section of your floor. Consult a professional if at all feasible.
  9. Protect yourself with pads and protectors. Utilizing protectors on the bottoms of all furniture pieces and using pads for moving furniture or other large/heavy things across the floor are two more techniques to avoid scratching your flooring. Our clients should utilize felt padding and plastic chair glides in particular. The two versions we provide to our clients are listed below.
  10. Observe the traffic movement in the office or facility. Keep an eye on your building’s traffic patterns and alter your cleaning plan accordingly. Make sure the areas with the most foot traffic get extra cleaning care, maybe sweeping and mopping them several times a day.
  11. Chairs with casters. It’s one thing to clean grime off a hard surface floors. Scratching is a very distinct, and far more challenging, task. Use chair casters to prevent floor scratching in offices, lobbies, and other related places.
  12. Hire expert cleaners. You can hire experts in cleaning hard surface floors either for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or project-based cleaning needs. Depending on what the demand when it comes to cleaning the floors.
Hard Surface Floors

Make the Most of Your Hard Surface Floors by Being Proactive

Although it may appear to be a lot of effort, creating a cleaning and maintenance plan for your hard surface flooring will save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run.  Commercial hard surface floors are a significant investment, and you want to maximize the return on that investment. Keep in mind that each year you extend the life of your flooring saves you thousands of dollars.

Do you have any queries regarding how to clean your hard surface floors? Send us an email or call us today. We can also send you a FREE QUOTE for your cleaning needs.

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